The research of biomechanics on the third macropower in nature-the power of qi

Author: Xu Caizhang
Affiliation: Shandong Sports College
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 120 , Word Count: 397

Everything possesses Qi, and the power and energy of Qi exists in everything. This research is that one person stands on the three dimensional terrace for measuring power, and another person who will push him down by power is three meters away from him. The Fx value of the power is analyzed from the view of biomechanics. The power is neither gravity nor electromagnety, but is the third macropower in nature-The Power of Qi.


Wang Wei is the person who sends out power, and Yu Tao is the receiver. Yu Tao stands on the KISTLER Three Dimensional Terrace, the main engine of which is linked with a PC-486 computer system. Collect data under a Box model 1600 A/D machine of changing, the sampling frequency is 1000Hz, and the sampling time is 8 second 0.5/division. Determine the value of Fx, Fz and three pictures of the value of power are printed by the computer. See picture one and two, and the picture of Fz is omitted because of the value of zero.

On 0.77th second, Yu Tao steps on the terrace, and stands with his legs apart
On the 3.46th second, his body begins to stabilize
On the 5.33rd second Wang Wei stands behind Yu Tao three meters away, and begins to send out Qi by his right palm to push him - Yu Tao begins to sway
After 1.67 second, Yu Tao was pushed down suddenly on the 25cm thick protective gym mat before the terrace


During the process of receiving power, Yu Tao didn't receive any power on the surface of the z axle, so Fz is zero. The change of acceleration existed on both surfaces of the x axle and y axles, so both Fx and Fy changed. During the period from 3.46th to 5.33th second, the body was stable, and it received no power except gravity. At this time, the computer only printed the weight, Fy=85.2kg (see picture 1). During the period from 5.33th to 7th second, he received the power of Qi, Fx, besides gravity, Fy. When the power Fx reached certain value, his center of gravity lost balances, he fell down forward. At this time, the value of power reached highest, Fx=12.8kg (see picture 2). These are methods from the view of biomechanics to research the situation of the power of Qi to human body. We will make further research to it.