Cold resistance testing

Author: Qian Junshi//Chang Shaoyong//Qian Jianmin////
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 116 , Word Count: 184

In December 1997 cold resistance testing was carried out by the Chinese Qigong Research Association, 2nd Institute of the Aerospace Industrial Company, 208 Institute and Aerospace Medical Engineering Institute.


17 persons had been doing Qigong exercises from 2 to 29 years. Among them 12 were males (from 29-65 years old), 5 were females (from 28 to 43 years old). They were sitting or standing in a freezer with short sleeved dress and pants at a temperature of -18±58and-18±88. 12 people received further testing at a temperature of -17 for 2 hours. The result shows after entering the low temperature environment the skin temperature of the forehead, chest, back of hand, thigh and leg all dropped. The average skin temperature dropped by 5.18-12.93. The temperature of the rectum dropped in 11 people by 1.1-2.24. The finger and toe temperature as the monitor data dropped markedly. But the subjects did not show any frostbite or local pain.

According to the infrared measurement in low temperature the head skin temperature was markedly lower than the control value. The metabolic energy production increased. In the test some had muscular spasm and some sent out muscular electricity interference signals.