Clinical research in treating spine-related diseases with qigong combined with Chinese and Western medicine

Author: Liu Lianghai
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 131-133 , Special Notes: View table with Courier 9. , Word Count: 478

The Du Channel is considered by doctors throughout history as the sea where yang channels meet. Many points of the five zang and six fu on the Urinary Bladder Channel of Foot Taiyang are located on the back. As a result, the back is usually chosen as the treatment site when internal organs have problems.

With the development of material life, more and more people go and from office by auto and seat themselves when working. The chances of walking reduce. The physiological regulatory function of the spine loses balance.

Consequently, there is an increase of disease year by year. A clinical study on the treatment of 292 cases related to spinal diseases is carried out in our hospital with Qigong combined with Chinese and Western medicine. The total effective rate reaches 97.7%.


Traction by Qigong, Chinese massage and dirigation are designed for the treatment of the following diseases:

prolapse of lumbar
intervertebral disc
c. cervical spondylopathy diabetes(II-type)
d. coronary heart disease (angina pectoris)
e. arrhythmia
f. asthm
g. gastric ulcer
h. duodenal ulcer
i. antral gastritis
j. chronic gastritis
k. chronic colitis
l. disorder of gastric function
m. chronic pyelitis
n. hypertrophic spondylitis
rigid spondyliti
chronic lumbocrural pain
q. lumbar spondylolisthesis


Among 292 cases, 213 were cured and 19 markedly effective. 23 improved and 7 no effect. 0 worsened. The cure and markedly effective rate was 89.8%.

The studies on spine-related diseases are newly developed both at home and abroad. A considerable clinical data and researches point out that over 70 diseases are related to imbalance of spinal mechanics.

There are many ways to treat the disease however, every therapy has its best corresponding indication. No means is perfect. As an ancient saying goes:

No disease cannot be cured,
when ten thousand volumes are read;

No prescription can be applied,
when a hundred diseases are present.

If symptoms are emphasized and individual factors are ignored, the result would be totally different. Our hospital uses comprehensive treatment to restore the balance of spinal mechanics and eliminate the disturbance of vegetative nervous function. Qigong training can not only put body function in a relaxing responsive state, but also regulate and strengthen the overall functional activity, thus the dynamic balance of the internal and external environment is achieved and the disease is eliminated.

Since emitted Qi is based on science and boasted with unique therapeutic effect, satisfactory results are promised when many complicated and difficult diseases are treated with Qigong in combination with Chinese and Western medicine.

Table of Clinical Effect:

Total Cured Markedly Improved No Effect   cases Effective Worsened
Diabetes 5 1 2 1 1

Heart Disease 2 1 1

Angina Pectoris
Chronic Pyelitis 1 1

Arrhythmia 1 1

Asthma 5 4 1

Duodenal Ulcer 6 4 1 1

Antral and
Chronic Gastritis 8 5 2 1

Chronic Colitis 5 3 1

Spondylitis 5 3 1 1

Rigid Spondylitis 6 2 3 1

Prolapse of Lumbar 108 95 10 2 1

Intervertebral Disc
Spondylolisthesis 11 4 4 2

Dislocation of
Thoracic 25 12 5 7 2
Lumbar Joints

Urinary Bladder
Syndrome 2 1 1

Herniation of
Cervical Disc 70 59 7 3 1

Hyperosteogeny of
Cervical Spine 10 8 2

Disorder of
Gastric Function 4 3 1

Chronic Lumbocrural
Pain 18 8 6 3 1

Total Cases 292 213 49 23 7
Percent 100 73 16.8 7.8 2.3