The Effects of External Qì 气 on Growth of Shoots of Dahlia Brevis in Vitro

Author: Citlalli Valentina Álvarez Saulés 1, Pablo Isaí Hernández Cortés 2, Diana Patricia Cruz Hernandez 2 and Víctor Manuel Chávez Ávila 2
Affiliation: 1 The Best of Me-Zhìnéng qigōng Training, and Scientific Research Institution, Email ID: 2 Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory of the Botanical Garden at the Biology Institute of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Email ID:
Conference/Journal: International Journal of Research in Agricultural Sciences
Date published: 2017 Online
Other: Volume ID: 4 , Issue ID: 6 , Pages: 354-357 , Word Count: 205

Abstract – The effects of the emission of qì 气 by a Zhìnéng qigōng 智能气功 instructor on the growth of shoots of Dahlia brevis in tissue culture was studied. With a total population of eighty shoots, the control group and the experimental group were randomly formed. The experimental group received qì for 30 minutes, 3 times a week for 5 weeks. The length of the shoots was measured; the number of shoots that developed roots was recorded; the number of depressions presented by the culture medium was documented and the data were statistically analyzed. The experimental group did not present statistically significant difference in the length of the shoots in relation to the control group. However, the average length of the shoots of the experimental group was greater than that of the control group. The number of shoots that developed roots of the experimental group was almost double compared to the control group. The shoots treated with qì formed thicker and more abundant roots and presented a better-defined plant shape. The emission of qì also seemed to influence the culture medium, decreasing the number of depressions formed in the experimental group.
Keywords – Dahlia, External qì 气, Plants in danger of extinction, Tissue culture, Zhìnéng qìgōng 智能气功.