Qigong Yangsheng As Complementary Therapy In Asthma -A Preliminary Study

Author: Reuther Ingrid
Affiliation: Medizinische Gesellschaft fur Qigong Yangsheng, Bonn, Germany
Conference/Journal: 2nd World Congress Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 47 , Word Count: 331

Qigong Yangsheng, the health promoting method of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), combining movement, mental exercise and breathing technique, is used in China for the therapy of bronchial asthma and for some time now has been enjoying an ever-widening acceptance in the Western world as well.

The present pilot study investigate, if Qigong Yangsheng could be used as complementary therapeutic measure to treat asthma patients also in our cultural region with an objectively measurable effect.

Thirty asthma patients suffering at varying degrees of severity with their illness were taught medically supervised, Qigong according to the system of Professor Jiao Guorui. They were asked to exercise independently, if possible on a daily basis, and to keep a diary of their symptoms for half a year including peak-flow measurements three times daily, use of medication, frequency and length of exercise as well as four asthma-revelant symptoms (sleeping through the night, coughing, expectoration, dyspnea). The concept of this study was based on a single Case-research design with baseline, one teaching unit omission of teaching and refresher’s course. After one year, a follow-up study was done at the same time of year as the baseline phase consisting of another four-week measuring phase.

As improved were considered those asthmatics that could show a decrease of at least 10 percent in their peak-flow variability. This occurred decidedly more frequently in the group of the exercisers (n=17) than in the group of nonexercisers (n=13). The difference was statistically significant when using chi-square-test to compare the two groups.

When comparing the year before with the year of the study, there was improvement also in hospitalization rate, sickness leave, antibiotic use and emergency consultation resulting in reduced treatment costs.

After evaluation of this pilot study it should be recommended to asthma patients to try a therapy of Qigong Yangsheng. If supervised professionally no side-effects need to be expected. This pilot study showed that improvement of symptoms and of the severity of asthma could be achieved by regular self-conducted qigong exercises.