Chow Qigong: Relationship, Sensuality and Sex

Author: Chow EPY
Affiliation: East West Academy of Healing Arts, San Francisco, California, USA
Conference/Journal: 2nd World Congress Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 38 , Word Count: 183

In the west, people often separate sex and sensuality from the whole of existence. Sensuality is different than sex. Chinese medicine maintains that sex and sensuality are a part of being a whole person-physical, emotional and spiritual. It is a vital and essential part of the whole.

The spirit of internal Qi, the vital life force with its theoretical concepts of Yin Nang and The Laws of the Five Elements is also connected with the external Qi or energy forces of the universe. It is this relationship to nature that also influences the balance of nature within the individual self. This then influences an individual's relationship with others.

Whether the yin qi or yang qi is sufficient or insufficient affects the libido and sex drive. The sexual organs are also part of other organ systems and the Qi is intermingled. The mind and emotions are great influences.

Discussion and demonstrations will be carried out as to how Qigong can enhance relationships, sex and sensuality. Also the effect of the mind and the emotions on the body will be shown by certain Qi exercises.