Qigong for Youth: Self-Care to Last a Lifetime

Author: Aung SKH
Affiliation: World Congress of Medical Acupuncture, Edmonton Canada
Conference/Journal: 2nd World Congress Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 36 , Word Count: 268

Qigong is for people of all ages. If you are already old, Qigong makes you younger. If you are middle aged, it helps ensure you will grow to a healthy and active old age. If you are young-and the younger the better when it comes to learning Qigong-it sets the tone for a lifetime of intelligent self-care and viable health empowerment. This workshop focuses on the young, in the interest of motivating them to take good care of their own precious health throughout their lifetime. The workshop begins with a video presentation. It is a brief, upbeat video that will introduce participants to Qigong and stimulate their interest in this ancient--and modem--healing art. They will then be shown some of the basic building blocks of Qigong, namely, the key breathing, concentration and posture/movement exercises. Breathing exercises are important because the breath is a major source of Qi (vital energy). Focusing on breathing facilitates one's awareness of and control over the flow of Qi and keep it circulating harmoniously throughout the body. Concentration exercises are a more disciplined form of breathing, and posture/movement exercises are a more dynamic expression of breathing and concentration. Spirituality is an important aspect of Qigong, which is why exercises such as the 'inner smile' are practiced in conjunction with the offering of blessings to all sentient beings. Appreciation of nature is important, which is why trees are hugged and serious students are encouraged to take part in Qigong retreats to wilderness areas. The workshop ends with a brief discussion of a pilot research project I conducted with high school students in Edmonton.