The psychophysical reactions associated with tumors

Author: Johnson Jerry Alan
Affiliation: Director of the International Qigong Institute, P. O. Box 52144, Pacific Grove, CA 93950 USA
Conference/Journal: 3rd World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1996
Other: Pages: 172 , Special Notes: Some tables are only in Chinese abstracts. , Word Count: 591

Tumors are commonly referred to in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) as a 'retention of mass'. Retention has the meaning of 'stagnation'. It originates from obstruction of flowing substances within the body such as vital energy, blood, phlegm, and food.
In my clinical experience, when there is a negative emotion involved, the body's normal breathing pattern is obstructed and the body will begin to wall off and create an energetic cyst instead of disposing of the energy input. Every day our bodies create tumors and cancer cells. The Natural Killer(NK) cells aggressively attack and dissolve them immediately once the body becomes aware of them. However, areas in our body which are armored in denial have a way of attracting and/or protecting these distorted cells and a 'cluster' or 'mass' may begin to form. The immune system tends to ignore that particular area because it is in a state of denial and frozen in emotional shock. Emotional shock is associated with the release of endogenous opiates and corticosteroids which prevent white blood cells from protecting the body from cancer and infection.
In a patient with emotional blocks, chronic tension begins to interrupt energy flow. If this emotional block is deep and long standing the tension will become a habit and the capacity to express or discharge the trapped emotion becomes frozen. Once this happens, the patient's body awareness dims and their feelings will slip away from their consciousness. These blocking patterns will directly and indirectly affect the patient's posture, breathing movement and growth. Changes will occur in their temperature and skin tone, impairing not only chemical and mechanical energy but also life force energy as well. Because it is through our perception and belief structure that we energize our being it is important to be able to fully experience deep emotional changes and release or discharge pathogenic emotions whenever possible. If the patient cannot do this themselves, the qigong therapist can initiate the change and maintain it with qigong prescriptions.
When the energetic cysts are formed, emotion is trapped within the tissue itself. Some of these major emotions are anger, guilt, grief, shame, and disappointment. The body's cyst will stay walled off until the energy is dissipated. These cysts can lodge themselves anywhere, penetrating deep into the major viscera causing visceral disfunction. Therefore, being emotionally upset and restricting the breath will cause the patient's energy to rise and complicate the disease by drawing more life force energy to the patient's symptoms, further aggravating the condition. When the disease compounds itself the patient usually begins to focus on the symptoms.
Since all connective tissue conducts micro-currents the interference of this flow is greatly influenced by excessive flow of qi in the body. Once the therapist reaches the cyst, the body's natural rhythm will stop(the electrical potential stops) and heat is released immediately which will continue until the cyst disperses. The underlying pathophysiologic mechanism can be broken down into five components.
1. The energetic current between the mind and matter are the emotions. 2. Emotions are the link between the mind and the body.
3. Neuro-peptides are the biochemicals of the emotions.
4. Monocytes heal the body.
5. The emotions(neuro-peptides) influence the direction and movement of monocytes.
Through the use of qigong therapy, imagination, visualization and positive affirmation areas of denial and subconscious energetic patterning can be altered, and the energetic matrix which supports the tumor or cyst can be dissolved.
I have treated several cases of brain tumors and ovarian cysts with qigong energetic and emotional re-patterning techniques which have resulted in an 80% success rate.