Author: Gauthier-Hernberg Gabrielle
Affiliation: Academy of Medical Qigong, Malmo, Sweden
Conference/Journal: 3rd World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1996
Other: Pages: 169 , Special Notes: Some tables are only in Chinese abstracts. , Word Count: 349

'I learn more, I help more people and I can work from a holistic view and preventive principles'. This could have been and ought to have been a Swedish doctor's explanation for going on working within the Swedish medical service. But it is a Swedish doctor's main reason why she has left this service and instead has gone over to teaching Chinese medicine to the Swedish people.
Dr. Gabrielle Gauthier-Hernberg's opinion of medical care and medicine changed during the time she was studying acupuncture and qigong in China. There she learned in close co-operation with Chinese doctors that a doctor's role is to be a teacher and not a repairman. The doctor should teach the patients how to keep their health.
Dr Gabrielle Gauthier-Hernberg has opened a clinc in Malmo for traditional Chinese medicine together with her teacher qigong master Richard Sulikowski and now they arrange qigong courses in the whole of Sweden. One third of the participants come from the public medical service and many of them have been recommended medical qigong by patients who have been cured through this method.
She also gives lectures in hospitals and she teaches the personnel what the effects are on different diseases. The patients are taught how to cure themselves: soft movements and deep concentration activate their bodies. According to Dr. Gabrielle Gauthier-Hernberg, medical qigong strengthens the general condition and improves the immunity defense. Qigong also gives good results on allergies, pain, sleeping problems and different kinds of chronic conditions.
In Sweden medical qigong is not yet accepted by the medical authorities as they require scientific proofs and 'well-proved experience'. But it is difficult for me to imagine more experience than a 5000 year old knowledge', she says.
Dr. Gabrielle Gauthier-Hernberg does not think, however, that Chinese medicine comes into conflict with Western medicine instead they complement each other. Western medicine is good at acute care, operating, repairing and developing medicines. 'But we are not good at preventive and chronic conditions. Many diseases which are regarded as incurable here are not incurable in China. We can learn a lot from the Chinese'.