Some experiences about qigong therapy

Author: Fukuzaki Kazunori
Affiliation: Japan
Conference/Journal: 3rd World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1996
Other: Pages: 165 , Special Notes: Some tables are only in Chinese abstracts. , Word Count: 295

I started with my interest in Qigong quite a long time ago. But the real start was about 8 years ago. I found a cartilage grew out of my knee, deformed later. I went to a surgeon for treatment. Unfortunately, there was no way other than prescribing with some pain killers. A few days later, I started to worry about the side-effect of the medicine.
One day, I joined in a Qigong therapy workshop near my living quarters. It lasted about two years. I tried, but it did not work, the complaint was still there without touching. I began to doubt about the effects of Qigong.
About one day, I read an advertisement of He Ping (Crane Bottle) Qigong. I dropped in, taking a five-day special training course. Then I began to practice by myself. To my surprise, I got the experience I had never had before with the surgical treatment. Not only has the upsets on the foot and knee gone but the tune of spirits turned much higher. It is my pleasure to share my personal experience with anyone who is suffering from this trouble.
It is believed that Qigong might not be accepted widely in the world due to certain reasons. But I think it is merely the problem of time. From the experiences of me and people around me, we can see clearly the truth that the pain relieves, the spirit brightens. I would like to display some examples of the applications, hoping it is of your references.
Clinic Applications:
Deformed Patella: female, age 50, recovery 25 days.
Flaccidity: female, age 60, recovery 25 days.
Cerebral Thrombosis: female, age 57, recovery 25 days.
Lumbar Sprain: male, age 60, recovery 26 days.
Lumbar Sprain: female, age 30, recovery one week.
Psychataxia: female, age 50, recovery 5-days.
Stiff Shoulder: male, age 60, recovery one week.