Information Hidden in the Synchronized Brain Waves During Qigong State

Author: Mei Lei
Conference/Journal: Chinese J Somatic Science
Date published: 1991
Other: Volume ID: 1 , Issue ID: 4 , Pages: 151 , Special Notes: Articles in Chinese and some contain results in tables. , Word Count: 191

The phenomenon of brain alpha wave hypersynchronization if frontal area during Qigong state, which have been reported by the author 10 years ago, was further studied in depth. By means of a newly developed in our laboratory EEFG Technology (ET), we were able to discover a new system of information, hidden in the Qigong brain waves. A series of extremely interesting facts for Qigong states were discovered. 1. Selective oscillation of specific spectral lines in ET system. As a whole brain background the 5-HT related S4 and it’s harmonic, was selectively intensified. 2. Strong coherent activity at the frontal brain. Left-right coherence was the strongest at the frontal F3 F4 area with as well intensified distribution and harmony of specific frequency. 3. relative predominance of the right brain for S4 system activities. 4. Optimal cross symmetric spatial structures and the ideal left-right brain ratio, a “golden law” relationship, were discovered more frequently during Qigong state than the ordinary ones. 5. Difference in S-system organization was observed for different Qigong techniques, which was of importance for dialectic Qigong therapy. The significance of these discoveries was discussed and the advantages of ET method in Qigong research was stressed;