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Application for a Qigong Institute Teacher Directory Entry and/or Membership

Choose the Free option to create an entry in the Qigong Institute Teacher Directory.

Choose the Paid option to become a member of the Qigong Institute. Membership is for one year. Members receive:

  • A highlighted entry in the Qigong Institute Teacher Directory which includes either a link to their website or a web page on the Qigong Institute website
  • A link to their website on the Related Links page
  • Keep abreast of the most recent Energy Medicine and Qigong Research: Ability to login to the database and see abstracts sorted in most-recently added order

You can become a member of the Qigong Institute without a web page or an entry in the Qigong Institute Teacher Directory. Follow the directions for a member, but do not fill in any fields marked '[Members only]', except for 'Principle Services', since that is a required field. For 'Principle Services' put: "Membership Only - No Listing". Then submit the form to get to the checkout page using PayPal.

Alternatively, you can send a check via mail using the membership form.

Renew: To renew your membership as a paying member login and click on the 'Renew/Upgrade Membership' link in your menu. If you choose not to renew you will still be listed, but as a free member.

Upgrade: To upgrade to a member from a free listing, login using your username or email. If you remember your email but not your username or password, click on the 'Forgot your password' link. Then use your email and the password you receive via email to login. Click on 'My Account' and fill in the fields marked [Members only]. When you are done updating, click on 'Update Account'. At the main member menu, click on 'Renew/Upgrade Membership' and follow the directions (i.e. pay via Paypal).

Edit Your Directory Entry: To make corrections to your directory entry, login using your username and password, select 'My Account', make your changes, and then save the changes by clicking 'Update Account'

Edit Your Qigong Institute Web Page: To make corrections to your Qigong Institute web page, please send changes to

Please provide information you would like the public to know about you and your services. Answer the questions concisely and accurately. You may leave blank those questions that do not apply. If you have chosen the Free option, do not fill in fields labelled [Members only]. Follow the format so that members of the public can make comparisons.

DO NOT INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION IF YOU DO NOT WANT IT TO BE PUBLIC: Address or Phone number. To create a blank Address, enter a space. Phone number is not a required field.

Applications that do not contain Principle Services - Teaching (i.e. the Practice field in the main listing) information will not be accepted. These entries are limited to 250 characters.

Applications that do not contain an energy healing modality for Practice will not be accepted; for example, massage therapy that does not include some level of energy healing - Reiki, Qigong, Tui Na, etc.

Applications for listings are moderated, so it may take a few days to process a new request.

Members will be notified by email when their memberships are about to expire.

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